7 Stages of getting a software for your windows and doors business

Regardless of the business you have chosen, it must come from passion and dedication. Ra Workshop Software comes to the aid of all manufacturers and resellers of windows and doors, whether they use uPvc, wood or aluminum. Our application meets all the requirements of the manufacturers and facilitates the production and sales process by providing them with all the necessary documents.

Getting a software for your business never been easier!

Here are 7 essential stages to go through to choose the best solution for you.

1. Meet with a representative to discuss about your needs

This stage is very important because you will find out if the software is suitable or not for your business. This is the moment when you need to present your business and talk about your future plans & desires so we can identify your needs. You can ask about the software’s features, materials, editions and about our services and prices.

The application generally addresses several types of customers: those who produce windows and doors or those who sell ready-made windows and doors, those who provide profiles or hardware, etc.

Ra Workshop Software Team will find the best solution for you. Don’t hesitate to ask us different questions that may clear all your doubts.

2. Download a trial edition of Ra Workshop and work on it as much as you can

In this way you will discover our product and you can ask us specific questions. Also, you can request an online presentation, we can go through every detail of the software together.

3. Move forward and ask for a quotation

After all the details are clear, you can ask for a price offer. You can ask further about payment methods, delivery, or price discounts. A sales representative will send you a quotation and a pricelist along with multiple valuable details.

4. Start the process and move forward with the agreement

At this stage you will probably get an invoice. After we have the payment confirmation, you will get the license by email along with all the information regarding the installation & activation.

5. Installation and activation

The application will be installed on your computer. If you purchased more that one license, then you will have more computers equipped with Ra Workshop. Ideally, you should have Express licenses for the sales department and Professional licenses in your factory.

6. Set up all the technical details

Every license comes with a Software Assurance maintenance plan. This service includes all the updates and technical support from our side. You can use the support hours for installation, training sessions, technical questions, database modification or database customization. Usually, the customers want to have their profiles in software’s database and they use the technical support hours to ask us to implement the profiles and the hardware they need.

Of course, if the support hours which come with the license are not enough, our customers have the option to purchase additional support hours packages.

Our support engineers are very experienced in this industry and can always help you to take the most of Ra Workshop Software!

7. Enjoy Ra Workshop software at it’s full, save time and money

After all it is set up and you know very well to use the application, the job is almost done. The software helps you in sales department – the design and quotations will take only few minutes. Same for production: the application will give you all you need so you can obtain an accurate Bill of Materials, an accurate Cutting List for profiles and many other valuable details.

The Ra Workshop team is always at your disposal to answer your questions, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
We look forward to your feedback.

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