We offer a wide range of services to help you get the most of your Ra Workshop experience. Having an awesome software is not enough. You need a team of specialists that will assist you any time you encounter a problem.

Software Assurance

Software assurance is a yearly maintenance plan that entitles you to 1 year of technical support and 1 year of full product update, including new major versions.Software assurance is mandatory for the first year of contract. Starting with the second year it will become optional. Renewing the software assurance maintenance plan after you discontinued for more than 1 month will be charged with an extra 30%.

Support Event

Customers without a valid software assurance plan, will be charged for each support incident. The support event is scheduled after payment confirmation. We strongly recommend to apply for the Software Assurance plan when buying the licenses. You cannot apply once you have the first incident.


Online trainings are available for uses who want to approach a fast learning track. Trainings will be done online and will require an internet connection.

Onsite training is also available. This implies that one of our technicians will come to your office and do a training for your team. This has higher costs, but also the return on your investment is at the same level.


Ra Workshop is able to compute any profile system in the world. The software is delivered with a comprehensive database that should serve as a sample database. If you want to implement your own profile systems, you can do this on your own, using the documentation and the sample database or you can let our technical department prepare a customized database on your behalf.

If you would like us to prepare a customize database, then you should prepare all the technical information required (catalogs, CAD files, pricelists, etc.) and then you should ask for a quotation.

Database Maintenance

You can forget about maintaining your database and leave this on our hands. Database maintenance is a yearly service that will assure you that all the changes you want to do to your database are done by our team. Additionally, a copy of your database will be saved on our secured severs, so you won’t lose your data.

Onsite Implementation

Our company is able to offer onsite implementation services. We can deploy our team to your office in order to implement your database, train your staff, implement a CNC machining center or optimize the production workflow.