RA Workshop Professional

Ra Workshop Professional is a production edition. With Ra Workshop Professional you can manage most of your windows and doors production. This package is recommended to be used in production departments along with at least one Ra Workshop Advanced Professional edition..

Ra Workshop Professional contains all the features included in Ra Workshop Express edition, plus most of the production related features.

Main characteristics:

  • Estimation: includes most of the estimation features.
  • Production: includes in all production features.
  • Reports: includes all the reports.
  • Cutting optimization: not available in this edition.
  • CNC: not available in this edition.

Ra Workshop Professional is a production edition that will help you design and manufacture almost any window or door on the market. It includes a wide range of standard features capable of growing your business.

For highly complex structures you will need Ra Workshop Advanced Professional edition. The main difference between Ra Workshop Professional and Ra Workshop Advanced Professional is that the Professional edition does not give you access to custom shape design and cutting optimization. Except these two set of features the two edition are similar.

With Ra Workshop Professional you will be able to design most of the windows/doors on the market, all types of shutters, all types of insect screens, along with other elements windows and doors related. Once you complete the design, you will be able to generate all the production details.

Recommendation: every window fabricator should have at least one Ra Workshop Advanced Professional license. If you have a large production department and you want to optimize your acquisition costs, you can consider Ra Workshop Professional for the rest of the department. If this is your first production license, than we strongly recommend switching to Ra Workshop Advanced Professional.

Database: Ra Workshop is able to compute any profile system in the world. The software is delivered with a comprehensive database that should serve as a sample database. If you want to implement your own profile systems, you can do this on your own, using the documentation and the sample database or you can let our technical department prepare a customized database on your behalf.