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NK Windows

New Zeeland

“RA Workshop software has a modern and user friendly platform. The custom properties function is such a bonus has it enables the user to get the most out of the software for their specific needs. The relationship with the RA workshop team is much appreciated. The team's knowledge about the uPVC profiles and hardware is very handy and it's great that most of our issues and custom requests are being looked into and catered for.”

Easy Windows


“Software is excellent, the team is knowledgeable.”

Bonelli Windows
and Doors


“Your team has been wonderful to work with. We have been very happy that we were able to work with Marius. The software has evolved into a very good fit for the Bonelli Team.”



“Your software is a very good tool in our business, I would definitely recommend others to use Ra Workshop. To us it is working well such that we had to purchase another user last year”

Inso Aluminum

South Africa

“Ra Workshop is a really fantastic Client Quoting and Costing system and has added an enormous value to our business and most certainly given us a competitive advantage in the market. The presentation of Quotations, together with the flexibility of design interactively with the Client, has given us an edge in the market that we previously did not experience. The Production offering of Ra Workshop has resulted in Lower Inventory Level, less production errors, reduced cost in our Business and has also improved the productivity of our Factory substantially. The on-line product support, which any user of RA-Workshop is going to need has been exceptional. We have made use of this service frequently and the support team and development team have always responded with assistance, guidance and technical support without delays and with immediate results. We recommend the Software package to any Company in the Window and Door Fabrication Market as a tool that will add enormous value and save cost in any existing business in this field.”



“We engaged Pyramid Software to commission RA Workshop for our Automated uPVC line. We were very apprehensive at first as the initial software was not configured for Australian hardware and conditions, so we were very much going to be a ‘test case’ for both the software and the machinery company. Given the amount of days we had booked in for the commission, I thought we were a very slim chance to get everything done. However, what transpired far exceeded even my best-case scenario. The team from Pyramid Software (the Marius’) were amazing, early starts and late finishes. They’d even stay back after we’d worked 16 hours to attend to their other customers. But during our working day they were fully focused on the job at hand. No job, process or procedure was a problem, we’d relay what we were after, they’d go away, work out methods on how it can be incorporated in the software, come back with the codes, we’d test and almost always, it was spot on. When it wasn’t, a few more tests and we got to where we wanted to be. The software is amazingly adaptable and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It is saving me a lot of money in staffing costs with how quickly my staff can go from quoting a job to sending the finished file to the machinery. The after sales service has been exceptional, even though a few updates have caused us issues in the few months after commission, Marius would be available on the day (or the day after) to rectify the issue. He’d offer to come in early or log in from his home late at night to compensate us for the large time difference. I would recommend Pyramid Software to any window fabricator looking to add an automated line

St Anthony's
Industries Group

Sri Lanka

“Pyramid Software – Company has been given us a “wow” support on all the queries we made to them & hope fully they will continue this in future as well. Ra Workshop – Helped a lot in time saving for our designers. And it is really user friendly, simple easy to use software. I recommend this for all who really in the UPVC business.”

Janko Windows

Republic of Ireland

"We are very happy with RA Workshop software. We would definitely recommend it. It's very easy to use it, really user friendly. We have / had a great experience with Pyramid Software."

Oakleigh Custom


“We are a small custom window and door manufacturer specializing in historic windows as well as modern, thermally efficient windows based on European design and technology. We produce a wide range of styles and designs. RA Workshop has been a critical element to speeding up the design process and getting to production. The application is very flexible and easy to adapt to the needs of our customers. It provides an excellent way to communicate ideas to customers and installers. It is simply the best value for money and a vital element for our business.”

Windows Systems


“Thank you raworkshop software and team, for helping me in providing application solutions for making quotes and facilitating the production process with report cutting optimization, glass orders so that it helps us in the efficiency of production work. RA Workshop team is also very supportive to help if there are problems, several times there are problems immediately addressed. This company is highly recommended. Good luck and always innovate better going forward”

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As it became a tradition for our company, we are launching our 2020 End of The Year Special Offer.

For a limited period of time, you can buy RA Workshop products at discounted prices as following:

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T&C - Discounts are available between November 16th to December 18th 2020. The offer is valid for packages with one year of software assurance only (read more about software assurance here: Payment should be done 100% upfront, before license delivery.

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Up to this moment, Ra Workshop has already implemented the following list of machines.

Cutting centers: Elumatec E555/1 (DGX), Elumatec E255/A, Elumatec SBZ610, Graf Synergy Multifab 3000, Graf Synergy EX1 Protocol, Kaban Cut, Kaban 1030 / 1040 / 1070 (InfoSys), Murat TT 405, Murat Maxer, Pertici 500F2K, Pertici SC55, Rotox ZGS 314, Techna TK145/10 Gold, Soenen Hendrix DVE

Welding centers: Graf Synergy SL4FF, Graf Synergy AKS6100, Kaban, Murat, Sturtz 4HSM_JC, Sturtz 4VSM_JC, Sturtz SE-SL-HSM 30/36), Murat,
Soenen Hendrix Q4, Soenen Hendrix AKS1600, Soenen Hendrix 4HSM_JC/4VSM_JC

Machining centers: Articon SC-231, Elumatec SBZ 608, Graf Synergy STB Multifab 3000, Graf Synergy FAB CUT F1, Graf Synergy Fa1 Protocol, Kaban FA 10xx, Kaban SB3010, Mecal Kosmos 305, Murat NR 210, Murat SC220-40, SAC Sueri F300, Soukup Drilex, Soukup Spectra, Thorwesten PBZ

Profiling and tenoning: Soukup Wizzard, Soukup Crafter, Soukup Crossline 500