Ra Workshop is one of the world’s most powerful and flexible advanced estimating tool and exceeds the demands of any windows and doors business.


With Ra Workshop you can create all shape type of windows and doors with different openings. Insect screens and shutters are also available. Our application has been designed to help you save precious time by preparing clear and precise quotations in a few minutes!

Ra Workshop automatically generates all required documents, which can be edited:

  • Client Quote – this is the offer you send to your customers. The client will be able to see the image of your product along with information about materials you used, colours, sizes and prices.
  • Client Table Quote – you can see the same information as in the Client Quote, except the image of your product. If you have a very big project, you can save paper using this report.
  • Dealer Quote – You can send a quote to your dealer as well. He will see the buying price from his supplier and he can add his extra-cost for the final customer. Also, there are information about materials, sizes and the picture of your product.
  • Dealer Table Quote – Shows the same information as the Dealer Quote, except the image of your product.
  • Order Confirmation – It’s a report that displays the design with all the specifications and dimension, without prices. Also, the client can see his contract number and can sign it for approval.
  • Arc Panel – this report shows you exactly how to combine the segments of your arc along with the sizes you need.
  • Window Panel – you will be able to see a big size of your window along with other information: profiles, sizes, colors, hardware. There are no prices in this report.
  • Glass Panel – in this report you can see the glass dimensions inside the frame.
  • Project Analysis It’s a report that shows you the total value on your profiles, hardware, glass, labor, your addition and the total cost for each component. Also, you have a small image of your product with information like dimensions, materials and quantity.
  • List of componentsIn this report you can see the information about your components: code, designation, description and remarks.
  • Bill of Materials – you will be able to see the information about the materials used for that project, along with the code, designation, quantity without loss, quantity with loss, unit price and value.
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We understand that all business transactions rise and fall on accurate estimates and quotes. That is why our estimating and quoting module is built around your business.

Client Quote
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Bill of Materials
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Glass Panel
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Order Confirmation 
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Window Panel

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Why fast, accurate estimates are important?

You need to stay competitive and profitable. When a prospective client walks through the doors and asks for a quote or an estimation for their windows & doors, giving them an accurate estimate is incredibly important.

Here’s why.

  1. Competitive advantage: We understand how important it is to gain and maintain a competitive advantage in this economic climate. Your competition is fierce and your customer is well-informed; they know exactly what your competitors are offering, and there are several factors involved when deciding which supplier to choose – such as brand values, service, product quality and price.
  2. To make a profit: Keeping even the smallest margin on costs, or on profit, can be the difference between keeping your business’s doors open, or closing up shop.
  3. To not make a loss: That’s why accurate estimating is vital: Estimate too high and you stand the risk of losing the job to a cheaper supplier. Estimate too low and you lose money.

Send quotes to your customers faster, knowing the information is correct and based on real time data. If customer requirements change you can update and reconfigure with ease.

  • Manage all your information through one software application, and have confidence that what you produce complies with standards, can be manufactured and is profitable.
  • Save time and increase productivity – Ra Workshop has a user-friendly interface that reduces the requirements to the personnel’s technical skills. Its simplicity of use also means fewer data input errors and fewer calculation errors.
  • Calculate your Bill of Materials (BOM) in real-time – Save time and hassle from manually creating quotes. You can design all kind of windows, doors, insect screens shutters producing an accurate bill of materials.

MAKE YOUR QUOTE IN JUST 5 MINUTES! Click on the video to see how:

Ra Workshop gives you the ability to know what your margins are so you can make the best decisions for your business.

We want make sure you take the most of our application, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need our help. Our support team is our strength! We like to be close to our customers by offering them training sessions, presentations, technical assistance, sales advice. You can make even more use of your software by enjoying the easy access to our services.

Start using Ra Workshop now!

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