RA Workshop Express

Ra Workshop Express is the complete estimation edition. With Ra Workshop Express you can design all type of windows and doors, all type of insect screens (standard, roller insect screens), all type of shutters (side hung, roller shutters) and you can view and edit the bill of material for advanced estimation.

Ra Workshop Express contains all the features included in Ra Workshop Lite edition, plus custom shape design, cutting optimization and dealer related features.

Main characteristics:

  • Estimation: includes in all estimation features.
  • Production: includes only BOM (bill of material)
  • Reports: includes quote + BOM reports.
  • Cutting optimization: includes only quote cutting optimization.
  • CNC: not available.

Ra Workshop Express is the top windows and doors estimation edition.  It contains all the features included in the Lite edition plus shutter calculation, access to the bill of material for advanced estimations, dealer related features and many other more.

This package was designed to run in showrooms, as a windows and doors quotation tool. Using Ra Workshop Express, you can create complete and very nice looking quotations and we know for a fact that this will translate in more sales for your company.

If you distribute your products using a Dealer network, then Ra Workshop Express is the perfect choice for you. This edition can be configured in such a way that your dealers can use it without having access to confidential information.

On the production side, the corresponding package is Advanced Professional edition.

Recommendation: This is the full estimation edition. We strongly recommend Ra Workshop Express as the best tool for an estimation department. If your company is just a windows/doors seller (a dealer) than Ra Workshop Express is the only option you have when considering estimation.

Database: Ra Workshop is able to compute any profile system in the world. The software is delivered with a comprehensive database that should serve as a sample database. If you want to implement your own profile systems, you can do this on your own, using the documentation and the sample database or you can let our technical department prepare a customized database on your behalf.