Ra Workshop – Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s where you will find answers to commonly asked questions about choosing, upgrading and using Ra Workshop software. If you need more information before making your purchase decision, please call us at +40 (21) 321.75.54.

Version: Understanding and choosing Ra Workshop products

Q: My business doesn’t need «windows and doors design software». 
A: Ra Workshop is a great tool for windows and doors designing. If you use Excel to compute the materials for your windows quotations than Ra Workshop will be a big step ahead. With Ra Workshop your offer will look professional and will be computed with great accuracy. The quality of the offer design will impress you customer resulting in an increase of your sales.

Q: How do I know which edition of Ra Workshop I need?
A: Ra Workshop offers a range of features and tools to help you design and manufacture windows and doors. Because every business is unique, only you can decide which Ra Workshop edition is best for you, but we make it easy by letting you to download a trial version of Ra Workshop for 30 days.

In addition, we’ve created a compare chart to help you determine what features are included in every edition. To check out the compare edition matrix access the Compare tab page.

Q: Can Ra Workshop Lite grow with my business?
A: Ra Workshop Lite Edition makes it very easy for small business owners to start to design windows and doors without having to learn complicated software or complex CAD knowledge. As your business becomes more complex you can easily upgrade to Express, Professional or Advanced Professional edition. You don’t need to reinstall and all your data will be available in the new version.

Q: What if I decide that I don’t like Ra Workshop?
A: Try Ra Workshop for up to 30 days at no risk. If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, please call customer service within 30 days of purchase at +40 21 321.75.54 to request a refund. To process your request, we will need the license number.

General: Getting started and growing with Ra Workshop Edition

Q: How long it takes to get started with Ra Workshop Trial edition?
A: Ra Workshop Trial is ready for use. You just need to install the software and you will create window and door offers in minutes.

Database: Understanding how Ra Workshop computes profiles and hardware

Q: Can Ra Workshop Trial edition be used with my own profile systems?
A: Ra Workshop is able to compute any system in the world. In order to be able to use your profile system you need to define the profiles and the hardware into the database.
Q: How many profile systems can Ra Workshop compute?
A: Ra Workshop has no limitation what so ever. You can insert as many systems as you want. You can do that on your own, you can buy it from us or you can contact our technical staff to insert the profile system into your database.

Support: How to find assistance with Ra Workshop products

Q: How can I get help with Ra Workshop Trial Edition?
A: Ra Workshop is delivered with full documentation. Help is also available from our technical support staff, our Ra Workshop Forum or the Ra Workshop Online Documentation.
Q: Where can I find guidance and tips from other Ra Workshop users?
A: Visit Ra Workshop User Community to connect with other Ra Workshop users and experts, ask questions and share advice. Search or browse through a variety of discussion topics or post your own questions.