L'avenir de l'informatique et le progrès. Est-il bon pour votre entreprise d'investir en ce domaine? (EN)

Without software, nothing much happens in the modern world. Computers are everywhere and represent critical components of everything from watches to cars, but none of those computers do anything without software. As such, it is not surprising that software is a huge industry as well.

The organizations coming out most strongly in the industry these days, are those who have embraced software in all areas of their business. If you want to stand out from your competition, you need to ensure your software creates the advantage you are shooting for.

Investing in high-quality software ensures that you’ll be able to do more, do it faster, and do it better than your competitors. Sure, you could run through Europe rather than catch a plane, but let’s be honest – which is the more efficient? Being able to be faster and better not only benefits the client, but it benefits you as well, leaving you more time to work on other projects.

Why invest in software for your business?

What you’re missing is what the benefits of investment allow a software design company to bring to you – more features, more functionality, better support, and future versions of every software you’ve invested in.

Great software pays for itself and although there are some incredible tools that you can use for your business.

We strive to make our software Ra Workshop the easiest to use, fastest and most accurate.

Ra Workshop Software is ideally suited for the Design, Estimating, Sales, Negotiating, Profiles Cutting Optimization, Manufacture, Delivery & Installation of Aluminum, Wood and uPVC Windows, Doors, Shutters, Insect screens, etc. and we have now been serving the industry for over 15 Years.

During this period, we have saved our customers millions of $ USD and € Euro of material costs, making our customers more competitive in the marketplace and reducing their losses.

Ra Workshop allows users to design, estimate and submit your bids, negotiate your bids, secure your project, optimize your materials, fabricate your products with accuracy and speed.

Estimation – A great tool to increase your sales

Ra Workshop represent the natural step forward – in an era of instant gratification, having to wait for quotes and contracts when deciding to make a purchase can be frustrating and even off putting for the customer, but now installers can capitalize on these modern changes with software solutions created specifically for them.

Ra Workshop software solution can automatically generate a professional quote based on the exact measurements and features selected.

Finally deliver your products to site, install, commission and handover to the customer in the knowledge that Ra Workshop has enabled you to obtain the maximum from a minimum.

Save time and increase productivity

Design more windows and doors quickly, accurately and seamlessly feed the information into the estimation process.

Estimation is made easy with pre-designed, commonly used configurations that flawlessly integrate with bespoke projects to produce accurate quotes and manufacturing. Modification of existing designs also become a piece of cake.

Calculate your BOM in real-time
Save time and hassle from manually creating quotes. You can design all kind of windows, doors, insect screens shutters producing an accurate bill of materials.

Sales and profit

Our programs have evolved with changing demands, enabling us to provide our customers with high quality, cutting edge solutions that will enhance professionalism and save both time and money.

Create and manufacture windows and doors knowing the exact costs, and stay competitive with increased profits.

Our software provides you everything you need to design, estimate and manufacturer windows and doors. It will allow you to estimate how much it will cost to manufacture your customer’s product and how much to quote.

Continued investment in both development and in people, and our emphasis on supplying what the industry wants, allows us to present our customers with a flexible software solution, and the highest possible level of customer service.

Production – Reduce wastage and improve productivity

Save time correcting mistakes by building it right, with accurate and precise drawings and a bill of materials that you can trust.

The right organization with the proper information for each phase of the production workflow, not only the will increase the speed and accuracy of your production, but will also give you an imense advantage on your competitors. Ra Workshop is able to manage all these phases, in an easy and intuitive way. One of the key element in the windows and doors production process is the cutting optimization. Better the results, less wastages that lead to increase of profit. Ra Workshop has one of the best cutting optimzation algorithm, that can reduce the waste profiles down to 5%.

Automation for window and door manufacturers

The new production belongs to automation. More and more manufacturing plant realize that introducing new CNC machines will give them better productivity, better quality and in some cases, reduce of incomes, in case of high salary rates. Our software allows you to set up jobs with ease and automate your manufacturing by feeding data directly to your CNC machines. Ra Workshop can work with a wide range of CNC machines, from cutting, welding, processing, glass cutting, milling.

Ra Workshop helps the CNC worker in a simple and practical way to optimise the process chain and to reduce operating cost in a reliable system.

In conclusion, there are many practical benefits to using a software solution that generate a chain of positive results and enhanced performances throughout your business.

We would love to hear your feedback, so feel free to leave your comments.

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