RA Workshop Advanced Professional

RA Workshop Advanced Professional is the full production edition. This edition includes everything from estimation to production. It is configured to have the best performance and a maximum return of your investment. We are proud to say that we have the best cutting optimization algorithms in the world and will save you a lot of money. Ra Workshop Advanced Professional will practically pay itself through cutting optimization.

Ra Workshop Advanced Professional contains all the features included in Ra Workshop Professional edition, plus custom shape design and cutting optimization.

Main characteristics:

  • Estimation: includes in all estimation features.
  • Production: includes in all production features.
  • Reports: includes all the reports.
  • Cutting optimization: includes in all cutting optimization features.
  • CNC: only as an Add-On.

Ra Workshop Advanced Professional is the complete production edition. This package provides you access to custom shape design and cutting optimization.  With custom shape feature you can design the most complex structures. Ra Workshop Advanced Professional includes also several cutting optimization algorithms that will guide you through how to cut the profiles with minimal losses.

Linking Ra Workshop Advanced Professional with a CNC machine (cutting center, welding machine, machining center) will move your production efficiency to a hole new level. In order to accomplish this you need to purchase an extra CNC Add-On license for every machine with CNC capabilities.

Recommendation: every window fabricator should have at least one Ra Workshop Advanced Professional license. Based on the size of the company several licenses might be required. Medium and large companies should switch to client/server architecture, by linking all the Ra Workshop estimation and production licenses to one database through Ra Workshop Server.

Database: Ra Workshop is able to compute any profile system in the world. The software is delivered with a comprehensive database that should serve as a sample database. If you want to implement your own profile systems, you can do this on your own, using the documentation and the sample database or you can let our technical department prepare a customized database on your behalf.