Ra Workshop CNC (Computer Numeric Control) is extra license that activates you features within Ra Workshop Advanced Professional, that will allow you to control your CNC machine, regardless of its type (cutting center, machining center or welding machine).

How does this work?

Ra Workshop Add On allows you to create a link between a Ra Workshop Advanced Professional and the machines you have. Please keep in mind that only machines that have CNC controlled can be linked with a software. Based on this link and the configuration that might be required you will be able to export a data file for your machine.

How do you know if your machine works with Ra Workshop?

Well, all the machines that have CNC can work with Ra Workshop. Some of them are already implemented. If you do not see your machine in the list below, don’t worry. We can implement it just for you.

Up to this moment, Ra Workshop has already implemented the following list of machines:

  • Machining centers: Elumatec (SBZ 608), Murat (NR 210, SC 220-40), Kaban (FA 1070), Graf Synergy (STB Multifab 3000), SAC Sueri (F300), Torwesten (PBZ 3)
  • Cutting centers: Elumatec (SBZ 610), Kaban (1030, 1070), Murat (TT 405), Graf Synergy (Multifab 3000), Rotox (ZGS 314), Pertici (500F2K, SC 55), Techna (TK145/10 Gold).
  • Welding centers: Sturtz (4HSM_JC, 4VSM_JC, SE-SL-HSM 30/36), Murat, Kaban

You can see these machines in action on the Media Center page.

What kind of operation can Ra Workshop perform? Ra Workshop will be able to control all the operations that your machine is capable of.