Each movie presented below is a demonstration of a certain feature or a tutorial. Click the thumbnail to start the video. If you have Ra Workshop version 3.2 you should consider updating to the latest version. Click the new version link on the left to see what’s new o the latest release.

Mullion Alignament

Ra Workshop 3.2 contains better mullion alignment features. You can align mullions with other mullions, you can align mullions with frames or sashes. One cool feature is that you can control the way a mullion is places inside a window’s corner. This will help you design accurate windows and doors.

New Window Shapes

The new Ra Workshop version 3.2 will contain new shapes. You will be able to create arches and circles windows from segments. This new feature adds new design options to Ra Workshop.

Window Quotations

In order to improve our design features we have developed editing quotations. From now on you can change the dimensions form the Property Window or you can directly edit the quotation on the design board.