Each movie presented below is a demonstration of a certain feature or a tutorial. Click the thumbnail to start the video. If you have Ra Workshop version 3.1 you should consider updating to the latest version. Click the new version link on the left to see what’s new o the latest release.

Production Project and Cutting Optimization

This video demonstrates how to create production projects in Ra Workshop. The production project is the best way to manage windows and doors production. Optimizing multiple windows and doors (offer projects) will give you better cutting results.

Extra Costs (Part I)

This video presents how to use extra costs in a simple way to compute the final price for windows and doors in Ra Workshop.

Extra Costs (Part II)

This video presents the advanced way to use extra costs in Ra Workshop. You can define extra costs for each material. Ra Workshop can compute the production cost and the selling value for each window or door. With this type of extra costs you have more control over the windows and doors prices.

Join Windows and Doors

How to make windows and doors joins in Ra Workshop. For multiple select press Ctrl key on the keyboard.