Each movie presented below is a demonstration of a certain feature or a tutorial. Click the thumbnail to start the video. If you have Ra Workshop version 3.0 you should consider updating to the latest version. Click the new version link on the left to see what’s new o the latest release.

User interface

Ra Worshop user interface items: menus, toolbars, messages, window tools, working zones.

Window design

Basic window design, using diferent type of profiles, profile systems and profile colors.

Insect screens / Shutters design

Window design with insect screens and roller shutters attached to it.

Door design

Door design with specific elements: threshold, bottom rail, etc.

Window/Door joining design

Window and door joining together in one carpentry item. Angled mullinion splitting.

Special windows design

Special window design: lift and slide window, pivot window, folding window, harmonic window.

Wood window design

Wood window design. Ra Workshop is able to compute vinyl, aluminum and wood carpentry.

Joinery materials

Joinery materials operations: view, add, edit, delete elements.

Window joinery offer report

Some Ra Workshop reports: joinery offer report, window panel report, order glass report.

Joinery production reports

Joinery production reports: assembly list, cutting quotations, profiles order, fittings order.