Ra Workshop 3.0.3000

Release date: February 15, 2008


Status: New

  • Added numerical order feature (CNC);
  • Added project export in text format, for a easier import in other applications, like accounting applications and others;
  • New report added: Total Order, it contains all the information necessary to answer accordingly to an offer request;
  • New type of project: Windows Library, the user can add, modify or erase window libraries;
  • Adding new options for optimization: exclusion of curve segments from optimization, exclusion of angles different from 45 or 90, exclusion of segments outside a given interval;
  • User’s guide. The application contains a complete user’s guide, the documentation for it is also available online


Status: Improved

  • The possibility to rename a window from a Window Library;
  • The possibility to modify the total of consumption;
  • The possibility to modify the Export/Import data. Even from the Export stage, the user can set the options that will be used at the Import. This feature is very important for manufacturers (profile sellers);
  • A faster optimization process. For big projects, with this SP2 the time for optimization will be at 20% of the time for the process in the previous version application;
  • A makeover for the reports. The reports may contain now information about the client, and the graphics are seriously improved;
  • Revision for the saving/restoring projects. These operations are now more user friendly and the time for these processes has been dramatically reduced;
  • A better transom-mullion division. For the wings that contain glass, it will be possible to divide them without loosing the glass;
  • English version 100% localized.

Ra Workshop 3.0.4000

Release date: May 06, 2008


Status: New

  • We completed the server – client version. Two new products are now available: Ra Workshop Server and Ra Workshop Client;
  • Ra workshop is now available in Turkish;
  • New types of profile (especially for shutters and fly screens profiles);
  • New feature for designing of fly screens. Now they can be done with only one click: fly screens as type rolling pin, fly screens with frame, fly screens without frame (only sash);
  • New feature for designing shutters. Now they can be done with only one click: shutters as type rolling pin, shutters with frame, shutters without frame;
  • Adding support in localizing the units of measurement;
  • Adding a new report: Assembly List – Standard with weights, showing the quantity of profiles in Kg;
  • Adding a new report: Assembly List – Complete, shows the weight of profiles not only in Kg but also in meter.


Status: Updated

  • Cutting Quotations report modification. The report can now be in a standard mode (which means that the cuttings of the same profile are summed up) or detailed (each reference has it’s own cuttings showed);
  • Client Offer report modification. The report contains now also the address of the client;
  • Window Panel modification report. The report now contains options of display for information about the client.


Status: Fixed

  • Possibility of change for the implicit currency. In the previously version, that was not possible;
  • A change in the way the reports show the angles for pivot windows. In stead of 3 angles of 135 degrees, the new version of the application will show angles of 45 and 90 degrees;
  • An alteration in the behavior of Undo/Redo. In the previous version after an Undo/Redo the application didn’t recalculate automatically the consumption. The problem has been resolved;
  • An update for the available glazing beads, every time the glass is changed. In the previous version, hen the glass was changed with another one of different size, the program didn’t immediately reconsider the glazing beads list. The behavior has been corrected;
  • The erasing of an element when the focus was in the consumption tab, determined a peculiar behavior: he was erasing every element there was, one by one. The behavior has been corrected;
  • Consumption calculation after Copy/Paste. The previous version was duplicating the consumption. The behavior has been corrected;
  • Completion of English localized. In the previous version there were English texts that weren’t fully localized, now they are.