Ra Workshop Server

Ra Workshop Server is the client/server edition of Ra Workshop. This package contains one license of Ra Workshop Server. This application is a Windows based service application that will manage the connections between the client applications and the database server.

Main features:

  • All types and shapes windows and doors design
  • All types of insect screens and shutters
  • All offer and production reports
  • Client/server arhitecture
  • Supported materials: Aluminum, uPVC, Wood
  • Use: windows and doors production software

Ra Workshop Server – Overview

Large windows and doors fabricators need strong, flexible and scalable software solutions that are able to integrate with other software for process automation. Ra Workshop Server is designed especially for big companies.

Ra Workshop can run in two different ways desktop and client/server, each way having different functionality and performance characteristics. The desktop editions are classic application that runs on a single personal computer. Everything is installed locally: program files, database server, tools. For example, if you have more licenses and you want to make a change to the database you will have to replicate the change on each computer at the time.

Ra Workshop Server is designed as a three tier application which will increase performance, security and scalability. The Server edition is composed of 3 components:

  • Ra Workshop Server – windows service applications that manage the connections and the business logic for Ra Workshop
  • Ra Workshop Database Server – Microsoft SQL Server provides the highest levels of security, reliability, and scalability for your business-critical applications.
  • Ra Workshop Client – any editions of Ra Workshop that has an additional connectivity license (Ra Workshop CAL).

How does Ra Workshop Server implementation works?

The implementation of the Ra Workshop Server implies an analysis of the company’s needs: dividing users into groups depending on their type of activity, analysis of the offer calculation modality (extra costs), analysis of manual labor operations, analysis of management reports and last but not least the planning of the workflow within the factory.

Once the analyzing part is completed the next step is to start implementing the results into Ra Workshop. All these settings are done by our team at Pyramid Software under the supervision of your representative.

The Go Live stage means the release of the application into the actual production field. Offer projects will be created. They will be saved on the server from which the production team will open, analyze and group into production projects. The production projects will be optimized based on the factory production capacity and the workflow previously designed. After the optimization process the production reports and machine data files will be generated. Based on the feedback from the production stage, database and/or application tunings will be made. (I.E.: it is possible that we wish for some extra information to appear on the stamps generated by the cutting machine or to modify a code from the database).

The complete automation of joinery production is not easy. It needs a lot of work and most important of all an application that is capable to manage all the details. Ra Workshop Server is this kind of application and Pyramid Software has the necessary experience to manage this type of implementation. If you have problems or questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We always enjoy to talk to people that are involved in windows and doors offering/production processes.

What are the advantages of implementing Ra Workshop Server?

Business Intelligence

Ra Workshop Server provides a scalable business intelligence platform optimized for data integration, reporting, and analysis, enabling organizations to deliver intelligence where users want it.

  • Integrate and manage all data.
    Use the enterprise-scale data warehouse platform of Ra Workshop Server to efficiently implement and manage unified storage for all of your business data.
  • Reach all users with a comprehensive platform.
    Ra Workshop has a multi-user system based on groups, roles, access rights not dependent by the operating system allows an easy way to defines access levels and separate different decisional levels in your company.
  • Deliver actionable insights to every user.
    Deliver a rich user experience to everyone through an extensible, open, and embeddable architecture that is optimized for Microsoft Office interoperability.
  • Enabling business insights for better, faster, and more relevant decisions.

Server Consolidation

Ra Workshop Server reduces hardware and maintenance costs by providing a flexible server consolidation solution with enterprise-class manageability and performance.

Data Warehousing

Ra Workshop Server provides a comprehensive and scalable data warehouse platform that enables organizations to integrate data into the data warehouse faster, scale and manage growing volumes of data and users, while delivering insights to all users.

Recommendation: We recommend Ra Workshop Server for large and very large windows and doors fabricators that want to automate all production processes for increased productivity.

Database: Ra Workshop is able to compute almost any profile system in the world. This package is delivered with a free database that contains 11 profile systems, each with corresponding hardware (fittings) systems. If you want other profile systems you can insert your own or you can buy profile/fitting systems from us.